Has Max's Brain Been Captured by the NSC?

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Apr 27 10:41:57 PDT 1999

>Being a politician, he can get 3/4's of a loaf and still come out
>smelling good. Second, I presume he is susceptible to some
>pressure founded on the costs of the bombing...
> If I was Milo I'd stop the butchery and accept
>a limited UN peace-keeping presence in Kosovo, as long as its
>independence was precluded. From a Serbian nationalist
>standpoint, that looks like a victory to me...

So you think there's a deal to be done on the basis of (i) Milosevic stops the killing, (ii) people *with* *papers* are allowed back into Kosovo, (iii) the U.S. and E.C. contribute massive amounts of aid to Serbia, (iv) the eternal union of Kosovo and Serbia is proclaimed, and (v) *unarmed* peacekeepers are allowed in Kosovo?

I think that's the most that Milosevic would accept. And I don't think that Clinton feels he could accept it (although I think he should)...

Brad DeLong

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