The People's Right to Bear Arms

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Again, forgive me if I'm treading on ground that's already been covered; I missed many posts in this thread while working on deadline. but my understanding is that four guns were used, and has anyone made note of the fact that three of them were shotguns/hunting rifles of the sort that would not be affected by any of the usual sorts of gun control legislation? ---------- From: Doug Henwood Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 1:55 PM To: lbo-talk at Subject: Re: The People's Right to Bear Arms

Jim heartfield wrote:

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>> As for numbers,
>>in 1996, 9,390 people were murdered by handguns in the US. (The total
>>figures, including suicides and accidents are 4 times as high). During
>>the same period, 30 people were murdered with handguns in Britain.
>Are you sure these figures are right?

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, 1998, table 3.128


total 15,848 firearm 10,744 knife 2,142 blunt object 733 hands, feet, etc. 939 poison 8 explosives 14 fire 151 narcotics 32 strangulation 243 asphyxiation 92 other 750

As for "kids killing kids," 1,496 of the victims were under age 17.

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