Delay, not surprisingly, on gun control

Chris Burford cburford at
Wed Apr 28 00:03:31 PDT 1999

>From the Office of the Majority Whip, House of Representatives.

No mention of course of gun capital.

Chris Burford



April 27, 1999

"Only one thought came to mind when watching the President unveil his proposal today, How dare you? Although my experience was far less severe than the Colorado incident, I know first hand what it feels like to have a disturbed person enter an area which you consider to be safe and murder your friends in cold blood.

My staff and I may never fully recover from the Capitol shooting less than a year ago. However, I can say from experience that when politicians use tragedies to advance their political causes it only makes bad situations worse.

I can only say to the President that your legislation, no matter how well it polls will not solve the problems we face. If we are to stop this senseless violence we as parents must become more involved with our children’s lives. We as parents have a responsibility to monitor what they watch, what they listen to and what they hold, not after the fact but always. Our communities must be active in returning America to a society based on values, morals and discipline. And most importantly, we must stress faith in God and instill hope in our children.

I say this not as a political adversary of the President, but as someone who has experienced similar trauma: I am offended by the President’s political maneuvering.

We must all look within ourselves for the strength to deal with tragedies such as these, but we must all give the community of Littleton, Colorado time to recover. Looking for solutions is a good thing, but I hope we will all look for long term ways to deal issues such as theses and not fall victim to knee jerk reactions such as blaming the guns or anything else. Blame is easy, real solutions are much harder to come by.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the community of Littleton, Colorado. Words cannot express how deeply I feel for you as you deal with this tragedy".

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