Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Wed Apr 28 11:11:06 PDT 1999

At 11:27 AM 4/28/99 -0500, Carrol Cox wrote:
>most of all to blacks, but in fact it poisons *all* relationships, even when

Carrol, I got off the boat quite a long time ago and I know a bit about the "race" relationships in this country. But as I said in my reply to Charles, I do not think this discussion is about actual race relations, but about claims of vicitmization.

My point is that vicitmization claims manufacturing is a big business in the US - and that manufacturing business is unconstrained by facts. That has nothing to do with racism denials, just as being tired of the zionist martyrdom propaganda has nothing to do with the "Holocaust denial."

But the most annoying part of it is that each time someone tries to put a reality check on this claims manufacturing business, he is automatically labeled an enemy. It is like Spanish inquisition.


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