Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Apr 27 15:48:37 PDT 1999

Jim heartfield wrote:

> Carrol is a person
> Carrol lives in the United States
> Carrol is therefore permeated with racism?

Correct premises. Correct conclusion. (I'm not a logician, so I won't try to judge that part.)

It drives some people to the worst sort of racism, denial, and if that person is also a skilled academic, it takes the form of demanding endless detailed empirical proof for every alleged instance of racism.

Others embrace it, and become corporate personnel officers or army generals or members of lynch mobs.

Others hate it so much, as one hates a case of chicken pox, that they commit themselves to doing what they can to destroying the plague.

But no one in the U.S. escapes it, and anyone who claims to do so is at best self deceived, more probably a liberal or an editorial writer

for the WSJ.


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