Jordan Hayes jmhayes at
Wed Apr 28 21:59:20 PDT 1999

From catherine.driscoll at Wed Apr 28 21:15:14 1999

I am happy to stand by the position that guns are a crucial

factor in this problem *as it is*, not as it might be in

another context.

I don't see how they could be crucial.

I came across a great series of graphs last night while surfing around that calls this into question.

It looks to me like in the early 90's there was a dramatic surge in homicide {victims,offenders} among young adults (but no one else); similarly, since then, there has been a dramatic decrease in that same group. Everyone else sorta stayed the same or even went down slightly. There was a similar bulge around 1980.

How this could correlate with gun availability is beyond me.


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