Race & Murder/a view from elsewhere

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Wed Apr 28 21:59:11 PDT 1999

Chaz, I'm glad to hear you answer in the affirmative. but a slight quibble: I would not say that anti-immigration *in general* is riddled with racism. I would say that anti-immigration is racism. we might discuss this some more, but I'm interested in any attempt to coordinate action between African Americans and Mexican Americans over immigration. from memory, the brc hedged a statement on immigration, I'm assuming because it was internally unable to come to an agreement on this. has this changed?

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>btw, Chaz, do you think anti-immigration is a racist position?
>Chas.: In general I would say very much so. For example, we had the contrast
between the U.S. turning away Black Haitian immigrants fleeing oppression and drowning in flimsy boats and the U.S. welcoming with open arms White immigrants from the European Socialist countries. The biggest racism is against Mexican immigrants especially in the southwest. The immigration quotas are against Africans and for Europeans. Recently the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed total disregard of the due process rights of many Arab immigrants, based on racist and national chauvinist discrimination. I'd say the U.S. immigration policy is riddled with racism

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