Race & Murder

digloria at mindspring.com digloria at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 29 07:40:21 PDT 1999

mark rickling wrote

>On the other hand, there might be more malign causal factors to be
>unearthed. CBS News reported tonight that the Sheriff's Dept. stated that
>the propane tank bomb discovered in the cafeteria was of such
>sophistication that they seriously doubted the Kelbold and Harris could
>have produced it. Maybe they obtained the bomb through some as yet
>undiscovered link to organized neo-nazi or white supremacist group that
>some members of this list would surely recognize as "real" racism.

why the scare quotes? no one as yet as suggested that virulent racism is the only real kind. rather, folks have been talking about a continuum.

as for this above, i'm just curious why such an organization would support the bombing of a largely white school? why would they put themselves on the line to kill white people?

denverites, btw, think that this might have had something to do with a satanic community about 30 minutes away. that's the rumor going around town. i largely dismissed the connection and so didn't attend to the talk as i should have, but from what i recall this cult is rumored to enjoy aderenal gland fluid which has to be freash. they are linked various unsolved missing persons cases in the area.

maybe our friend from boulder knows more?


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