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Max, I wonder what you think would happen if Russia drew up a similar "peace plan" for Turkey and its Kurdish population? 30,000 Russian troops occupy Southeastern Turkey for 3 years, run its government, select its leaders, manage its economy, with free range over the rest of the country if need be -- all to "end the suffering," of course. No negotiations, just an ultimatum: sign or be bombed. After all, you can't negotiate with those butchers.

Offered these choices, what would the Turks do? What would the *Americans* do? Would the Kurds be better off? Would we dismiss concerns about sovereignty as a smokescreen to distract from the human rights abuses?

In light of these considerations, ask yourself again: Has the U.S. acted reasonably? Was Rambouillet done in good faith? Were the options for diplomacy exhausted?

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> > >What's the difference between "allowing NATO troops
> > to rampage through
> > >the country" and "taking it over"?
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> > Taking it over is a lot more troublesome - you have to
> > run a colonial
> > government. Rampages are simpler, and so much more fun!
> Quite so. If Nato is intent on replacing the Milo regime with
> someone of their choosing, they are going about it in a funny (as
> in strange, not ha-ha) way.
> mbs

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