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Fri Apr 30 15:45:46 PDT 1999

Doug Henwood wrote:
> Jeff St Clair tells me he just put up a copy of Alex Cockburn's piece
> on Littleton & Belgrade up on the Counterpunch website
> <>. AC gets pissed if one posts full texts
> - otherwise I'd forward it.

One funny thing at the Counterpunch web site is that the Ten Reasons This War Sucks (or maybe 57 reasons) were apparently excerpted word-for-word from an article I read previously on a web site:

entitled "101 reasons why NATO's war sucks." has another 14 reasons in a follow-up article at:

This web site, "the eXile," describes itself as a "two-bit biweekly club guide" written in Moscow, Russia by "a bunch of TV-overdosed dweeb dropouts from the American suburbs," but despite all that those two articles aren't too stupid.

On the other hand, their link page takes you to a Detroit punk magazine elegantly entitled "Fuck Everything" where you can read a truly deliberately stupid "editorial" on the Littleton business that will either offend the Hell out of you or make you laugh hysterically, maybe both. Click here at your own risk, and don't say I didn't warn you:

Note the part about "the greatest Americans who ever lived," and the "constructive" suggestions at the end of the article.

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