AC on Littleton & Belgrade

Steelhead sitka at
Fri Apr 30 16:18:34 PDT 1999

>Doug Henwood wrote:
>> Jeff St Clair tells me he just put up a copy of Alex Cockburn's piece
>> on Littleton & Belgrade up on the Counterpunch website
>> <>. AC gets pissed if one posts full texts
>> - otherwise I'd forward it.
>One funny thing at the Counterpunch web site is that the Ten Reasons
>This War Sucks (or maybe 57 reasons) were apparently excerpted
>word-for-word from an article I read previously on a web site:

What's so damn "funny" about it? We reprinted the eXile boys 101 Reasons (edited down to a Heinzian 57 Varieties) for the latest issue of CounterPunch. Says so right at the bottom of the webpage.

Jeffrey St. Clair

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