Faking what democracy?

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Mon Aug 2 15:33:46 PDT 1999

At 20:59 02/08/99 +0100, you wrote:
>>From the Op-Ed page of the Times, London,
>August 2 1999 OPINION
>Mick Hume

>Dr David Chandler, author of Bosnia: Faking Democracy after Dayton, even
>suggests that "autonomy for Kosovo under the UN and Nato is increasingly
>looking no more democratic than life under the old Yugoslav regime".

What democracy is being faked? What is the idealist concept of democracy by which we can see Bosnia is a fake?

Is Democracy in the UK not also a fake??

A state system in marxist terms primarily serves a class, or strata. There are elements of dictatorship in all state systems. That Bosnia after 200,000 dead was colonised by the western powers who are hegemonic, is not so mysterious. The key thing was stabilising the population and the economy. Not to invent a pure notion of democracy.

Where is the marxism in this analysis of "democracy"?

A paragraph with the page reference will do. I have the book.

Chris Burford


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