Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue Aug 3 10:40:48 PDT 1999

Juliana Shearer wrote:

>This is a good explanation, and why it's a good idea to wipe your hard
>drive every once in a while and start over. However, I have also found
>that the amount of these registry errors mysteriously decreases in some
>sort of inverse or exponential proportion to the amount of junk on your
>computer as compared to how much RAM and other memory you have. The less
>space you have to store stuff the more Windows or W-based programs
>Sometimes I think that the error messages in Windows are buggy. In fact
>I know so. Witness the many problems with the Plug-N-Play software,
>which usually makes me want to throw the computer against the wall.

Ha. I love hearing stories like this. Can you pull a Windows PC out of a box and have it running on an Ethernet network inside 10 minutes?

Renewing my membership in the Steve Jobs fanclub,


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