Stupid Windows/Word Problem

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at
Mon Aug 2 22:42:11 PDT 1999

Since many computer experts reside on this list, I want to ask a computer question. I'm using Windows 98 and Word. When I exit Word, I get a message telling me that there is a problem with my file, OLE32.DLL.

..any suggestions?

Thank you

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Rentier class lacky? XT and '65 Chevys? Or, buy a Mac? Geese, how about some help, guys?

Wojtek is right about editing the registry, but you have to know how. There is probably some older version driver or library somewhere that is causing the silly message.

In case you don't know, OLE stands for Object Linking and Embedding, and DLL stands for Dynamic Linking Library. Or something very close to those. So this means that somehow whatever Word expects while it is loading up or closing its embedding and linking routines, it isn't getting what it wants. Also, it could be that the version of DOS or one of your applications is not quite in sync with Win98.

At any rate go here and look around:

Somewhere on the above site is a full text version of the book, Windows Annoyances, which details out how and what to edit in the registry. How to trace down miscellaneous problems like yours. I haven't used it in two years, but when I was running Win95, it was a great help.

Hope this helps,

Chuck Grimes

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