Heresey: why I support school vouchers

michael corbin mcx at
Tue Aug 3 18:38:14 PDT 1999

Rkmickey at wrote:

> Lbo listers,
> My daughter, who is now 9, started at that school four years ago.

Doug Henwood wrote:

> > George Soros' kids, spends something like $23,000 per

"W. Kiernan" wrote

> My older daughter attends a "magnet school"

Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:

> My son went to a regular (or
> "zoned") high school for about two weeks

Max Sawicky wrote:

> My daughter is in a magnet program -- French
> immersion.
Everybody cheats for their kids.

That's why "family" is a problem. Fact of life.

The vast majority of kids have no other option than public school. 'Privates' and 'charters' and 'magnets', and 'vouchers' are used as pragmatic gestures by those who have been fucked by the white elite, those who can't send their progeny to 'privates', 'charters' and 'magnets' and have defacto 'vouchers'. School for one's progeny continues to be a litmus on whether one believes in democracy. One wants one's progeny to be appropriately educated don't ya know?

Bussing ends in Boston and PG County in Maryland because white/class flight has been a success since the 70s, (80's, etc)

Does one believe in the accessibility of the demos, the folks? Does one build institutions for them? Is our pedagogy about reproducing that which we know? And do we cheat for our kids?

Having taught in both DC and PG county I can say they are not the same thing (sic). Geography. But I wonder do we give a fuck about the kids we don't know? Can our utopias have a widely dispersed generational understanding or do we continue to cheat for our kids?


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