direct action

Rob Schaap rws at
Wed Aug 4 15:14:05 PDT 1999

Revised thoughtlet (and therefore properly conceived of as an addendum to my third post rather than an actual fourth post ... right, Doug?)

>As the lyrics of the song make it quite clear that the singer feels
>singularly disgusted with what they have instead of what they actually want
>('a lover like any other'), we clearly have here a brilliantly subversive
>assault on the commodity fetish by a closet comrade in the advertising
>There's still a culture war, mate - and our interpretations are
>definitively in the front line, however else Saatchi and Ford might prefer
>There, I said something optimistic ... feels a bit weird ...

'Course, if they play the end of the song (with the deliberately ambiguous 'I got you' answer), they might get away with it.

Which is a depressing thought, and therefore one with which I'm more comfortable.

Cheers, Rob.

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