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Fri Aug 6 22:34:29 PDT 1999

i think it would be too much to expect of the democrats to not side with big(3) business.

anyway, isnt a healthy small business sector vital for a good local sustainable economy? i'd love to see someone to drive a wedge between the multi-national and small business branches.

how bout trickle economics down for small businesses, with increased tax rates on corporations?


>Tom Lehman wrote:
>> Tax breaks for the rich and the super-rich and their corporations.
>About a half hour later I'm talking to the alternate WDK about the
>Florida state sales tax we have to pay on stuff we buy from mail-order
>vendors, and he suddenly volunteers, "Say, you wanna get pissed off, you
>should read this article in the Wall Street Journal today about these
>huge corporations that basically don't pay any tax at all. We (he's
>talking about the company) have to pay 35% Federal tax on our company
>profits, yet these gigantic multinational companies get away with paying
>practically nothing at all," etc., etc., and he's actually pretty hot
>about it. Then he goes on to complain, "And that tax cut bill those
>idiots just passed in Congress gives those Fortune 500 companies even
>more tax breaks; tax breaks that we, a small business, can't take
>advantage of!" It turns out he read the exact same article as I had up
>on my screen.
>OK, it's just one anecdotal instance, but it looks like the Repug
>Congressional bias in favor of big-big-big business is so blatant that
>it even manages to piss off small-business supporters of their party.
>The Repugs have for years prospered by various low schemes which drive a
>wedge between, for example, working-class whites and working-class
>blacks. I'd enjoy seeing their Democrat opponents turn the tables on
>them, by pitting big-business interests against small-business
>interests. Also, possibly if the Dems made a campaign issue out of it,
>they could suck more of those all-important campaign contributions out
>of small businesses next year.
>Yours WDK - WKiernan at

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