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Sun Aug 8 08:02:11 PDT 1999

At 03:13 AM 8/8/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Paul Piccone has a similarly cranky pal from the old country
>who's just as out of place in the Lombard League as Piccone is on the
>left here. But having this guy Fleming on the editorial board, that does
>sound weird.

heh. you're slaying me michael. the gang did get together at lasch's home, actually, in order to talk about whether communitarianism was compatible with critical theory. lasch was working on _true and only heaven_ at the time. piccone spent a great deal of time pacing back and forth yelling real loud. my kinda meeting. no one seemed especially keen on communitarianism as a political position/movement at all. there was some appreciation for the theoretical foundations. frankly, i think the conservatisms always been there. yes, cranky is the right word. the guy who introduced me to the frankfurt buoys and encouraged me along to the above told me not more than a year later, "fuck critical theory. it's dead, irrelevant" when i told him i was going further with my studies in that field.



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