Heresey: Why I support vouchers.

kelley oudies at
Sun Aug 8 08:17:54 PDT 1999

At 10:12 PM 8/7/1999 EDT, Rkmickey at wrote:

>even while noting that all lbo-ers who dealt with their own children's
>experiences seem to confirm the reports of various pollsters that Americans
>tend to be critical of the school system overall but basically satisfied
>the schools they actually deal with.

pretty much the way most folks answer about anything. health care system stinks, but my doctor is good; the economy doesn't look so good, but i'm doing okay; etc. i've forgotten the technical term for this but it stems from good old american individualism: if you don't like the school, the doc, the job then it's your fault; best to answer in a way that makes you look good, eh?


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