Albania: the real story

Seth Ackerman SAckerman at
Mon Aug 9 09:51:48 PDT 1999

It is sometimes said that the German media present a wider spectrum of political thought than the American media. For example, I understand that there's a German paper called Taz which is both quite radical and widely read. Any truth to this rumor?


> Actually I dont see any reason to repost that kind of dirty rascist
> propaganda on lbo-talk without any kind of commentary.
> Though Der Spiegel has a sort of liberal image in the German public, its
> has
> a record of beeing in the forefront of the rascist propaganda machine.
> E.g.
> it was Der Spiegel who carried a 'The boat his full' frontpage a few years
> ago.
> In the best case this masterpiece of journalism can serve as an example of
> how 'free' press works: For a few weeks the Albanians had been presented
> as
> the poor refugees. Today its back to the ordinary rascist stereotypeof
> mafians and drg-dealers. This coincides with the mounting tension between
> the NATO occupation forces and the KLA.
> Johannes

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