German Press (Re: Albania: the real story)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Mon Aug 9 10:42:52 PDT 1999

Seth Ackerman wrote:
> It is sometimes said that the German media present a wider spectrum
> of political thought than the American media. For example, I understand
> there's a German paper called Taz which is both quite radical and widely
> read. Any truth to this rumor?
Seth, it seems you are already doubting the rumor. When it comes to the taz they are to the right of Joschka Fischer, if you call that radical? Of course the taz is widely read, just because its the mouthpiece of one of the governing parties. I personally prefer Frankfurter Rundschau and Sueddeutsche Zeitung

liberal, close to SPD ) when it comes to the pro Red-Green dailies. What can be called the only radical daily is Junge Welt (left-wing of PDS). Nearly all radicals read it. And of course we still have Neues Deutschland (traditionalist wing of PDS). In general I think German media are just a reflection of the political spectrum. Thus we dont have an equivalent to the Washington Times. Johannes

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