Rural Poverty

Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Mon Aug 9 11:23:48 PDT 1999

This is a story about "reliefers" in WV. The Jay Rockefeller was a Vista volunteer in Clay Co. back in the mid-60's; one of the counties mentioned in this story. Reads like things haven't improved much in 30 some years since Jay's younger days.

Clay County is remote, although not as remote as many other places in WV. I first explored Clay Co. shortly before Jay's arrival. Back in my misspent youth I considered myself to be a regular Davy Boone or Daniel Crockett---probably the first non-native to have seen these parts!

I really feel sorry for the poor fellow that is being forced to travel 3 hours round trip from Clay County to Beckley in order to qualify for relief. Take it from me there is no way that 3 hours drive time is realistic depending on where the gentleman lives in Clay Co.--not even considering weather conditions. Or having a head on with a coal truck.etc. Why can't they find the guy something to do in Clay County.

I'm also curious where those two fine old gentlemen the Clay brothers are in this rural disaster---the county is named after their family isn't it? Spending too much time around the cement pond with the movie-stars...


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