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Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Wed Aug 11 04:44:27 PDT 1999

I suppose in Bourdieu's framework there would be some important opposition between those who have ascended to the state nobility on the basis of cultural capital, i.e., credentials at these prestigious institutions, and those in possession of economic capital (wealth, property, and income). Yet those with economic capital often possess the same level of scholastic capital (well they may not have advanced degrees from these same institutions). Perhaps Dennis will tell us how Bourdieu would approach these findings or the questions he would put to them. A more important development may be the general development of academic capitalism in which faculty and professional staff have become state subsidized entrepreneurs, expending their human capital stocks in increasingly competitive situations to secure external moneys. This increase in faculty engagement with the market is the subject of a study by Sheila Slaughter and Larry Leslie, Academic Capitalism: Politics, Policies and the Entrepreneurial University (John Hopkins, 1997)

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