hacking [parody] & cross-cultural skidding

elena spectra at rousse.bg400.bg
Wed Aug 11 10:36:29 PDT 1999

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>elena lovely writes of Bad and Fred---ahhhh nostalgia:
>> while on the Bad list Fred would probably
>>label this as petit bourg .
>elena's post is quite contentless, is it not? what gutter trash, really.
> doug "ruthless criticism of all everything that exists" henwood runs a
>PETTY BOURGEOIS listserv. elena fails to pay attention. elena receives an
>F for FAILURE in life. pathetic, really. had elena paid attention she
>would know that she is a PETTY Bourgeois Drivel Typist. she does not
>resist her employer. if elena understood marx's dual theory of labor,
>she'd resist her employer, piss in her beer and spit in a police officer's
>face. can elena tell us about Aristotle's dual theory of shoes and
Duh? and a heart beat Or is that a compliment *blush*?

>the rest deleted.
Just when it began to get fun...
>that would be *petty* bourg elena -- you PB, drivel typing, useless gutter
>trash you. but hey elena, at least you're in good company. least i think
>so. ;-)
Practical question: how rich/poor do you have to be to be PB? Is it possible in a post-socialist country ? .
Toys-R-Us sounds better :-)))

> kelley
PB yourself!

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