Petty Bougeois Elena1

kelley kcwalker at
Wed Aug 11 11:25:12 PDT 1999

lady in red elena wrote:

>Duh? and a heart beat Or is that a compliment *blush*?

typical bad subjects response, is it not?

[it is most definitely a compliment! oh ya got me blushing now too]

>Just when it began to get fun...

ken can show us how to come and still have fun.

>Practical question: how rich/poor do you have to be to be PB? Is it possible
>in a post-socialist country ?

poor elena. pathetic really. post-socialist? define. elena can not because she will not. elena does not realize how important i am. i once typed a freshman comp paper and sent it to CUPE. Moist rejected my paper. gutter trash, really.

>Toys-R-Us sounds better :-)))


>PB yourself!

oh kinky. elena! i never knew. peanut butter? wow. honey....olive oil.....

but peanut butter? oh my.

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