Petty Bourgeois Elena 2

kelley kcwalker at
Thu Aug 12 08:04:23 PDT 1999

elena wrote:

>what's ken to zizek, what's zizek to ken?

i think it's a masochistic relationship

"we are dealing iwth a strict fictional formula, with a social game of 'as if', where ken pretends that zizek is the inaccessible Other."

"masochism, as a specific form of perversion"

"in masochism negation assumes the form of disavoal--that is, of feighning, of an 'as if' which suspends reality."

'masochism confronts us w/ the paradox of the symbolic order qua the order of 'fictions': there is more truth in the mask we wear, in the game we play, in the 'fiction' we obey and follow, than in what is conceled beneath the mask"

>the trouble is, zizek seems "made
>for export" west-wise - like Emir Koustouritsa (incompetent suggestion)

true. but then, this is the academic market.... isn't this where the money is? isn't this where everyone must turn? not unlike bg turning toward europe, eh?

>well, any answer will help

oh dear. i don't think fred ever explained what petty bourg mean. not adequately anyway. he'd definitely reject the idea that it has anything to do with how much money one has. i think petty bourg, for fred, always meant anyone who isn't fred.

>Define poor.


>>>pathetic really.

>That's ambiguous

good thang, too.

>> post-socialist? define.

>10 years ago: Mid-80's Moscow joke: "Vanechka explains the concept of
>communism at Scientific Communism seminar [e: yes! we studied that as part
>of medical training course] :'Communism is like a white ship in a turbulent
>ocean [e: guess who's making the waves!] Everybody feels sick, but no-one
>can get off, in mid-ocean'" The day after: I guess, post-socialist is when
>someone has to to the deck scrubbing.. 10 years after: JUMP!

you know, i'm rilly rilly sorry but this whole thread has made me think of the dorkiest music. borderline had me humming madonna all day yesterday and now i think i'll be singing the pointer sister's 'jump' today.

i am obviously not in much of a serious mood. [tough noogies dougie]

>> elena can not
>>because she will not.

>will not because cannot.

no no no. don't you see the beauty in this with regard to fred? always demanding us to define, explain, justify.... we can not because we will not. that's more appropriate if you truly want to be a petty bourg bad subject. i think.

>> elena does not realize how important i am.

>enlighten me, SVP!

oh. i was just parodying fred who seemed to think that an article he wrote criticizing the union's slogan, "a contract is a contract" was somehow the most important thing written since kapital.

what is SVP?

>> i once
>>typed a freshman comp paper and sent it to CUPE.
>> Moist rejected my paper.
>>gutter trash, really.

>Lost me here...

oh well you're lucky if you missed the endless reposts of fred's comp paper criticizing "a contract is a contract" myabe joe noonan has a count of how many times he posted it?

>>but peanut butter? oh my.
>hah! it's hard to get by just upon a smile (wild world)
>P.S. Kelley, if you don't write smth serious Doug will nuke us without a
>patch! :-)))))

dougie can go pb himself then.

later cutie


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