ANSWER: Name this socialist

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Sun Aug 15 21:04:16 PDT 1999

>W. Kiernan wrote:
>>God forbid any left candidate I like who has any chance of winning
>>should ever come out publicly with a proposal to hand out needles to
>It's reasonable, it's humane, it will save lives - but can't do it!
>God, I love American politics.

Yes it would seem that the present structure of the political spectacle--Bourdieu's media bite rivalry--makes it impossible to explain that free needles would arrest the growth of a lethal virus in and out of the drug using subpopulation while not encouraging the use of dope.

But Doug there is hope even in this sorry state. We just have to learn how to play by the rules of the spectacle.

If our argument were rapped by Bullworth himself with the Grandfather of Soul's "King Heroin" sampled, perhaps public opinion could be shifted.

yours, rakesh

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