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Thu Aug 19 12:09:15 PDT 1999

Carl Remick wrote:
> > >What in god's name would a "revolution" in the U.S. look like?...
> > Have we forgotten that the City of London was stormed on June 18th?
> > Why do we forget this?
> I haven't forgotten, Chris. It presented Brits as an inspiring contrast
> to the stupefied American public.
> > June 18 had a very high level of reforming planning behind it with
> > sophisticated tactics about street publicity, theatre,
> > protest actions.
> One of the high points of my life was participating in the antiwar
> demonstrations in Washington, D.C., during November 1969. These
> certainly caught the attention of the American public and helped
> mobilize opinion against the Vietnam war. Gratifyingly, it also scared
> the shit out of the Nixon Administration. I recall that Attorney
> General John Mitchell at one point gazed down on thousands of protestors
> from the roof of the Justice Department and said that it looked liked
> Russia during the Revolution.
> Carl

Must not have scared them too much, because the war continued for 5 more years.

-- Chuck0

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