God Hates America--and how!

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Thu Aug 19 22:47:24 PDT 1999

<<It is a butchers apron, stained with the blood of millions of slaughtered babies....>>

It's interesting that the Rev. Phelps can't bring himself to say, "God Hates Women." Whom is he afraid of? Virginia Woolf?

The good Reverend is visiting Columbus and Worthington (a suburb of Columbus) on Sunday and Monday, but he's got tragically given the cold shoulder by conservative Worthington Baptists he counted upon. His group will be picketing five churches (All Saints Lutheran Church, Worthington Presbyterian Church, Worthington United Methodist Church, St. Michael Church, & St. John's Episcopal Church) in Worthington on Sunday, and they are planning to burn a rainbow flag and an Ohio flag at the Statehouse on Monday. (According to Phelps's press release, the Ohio flag is "now a symbol of the antichrist," since a rainbow flag was allowed to fly at the Statehouse during the Pride march this year.)


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