[stormingheaven] ebonics?

jmage at panix.com jmage at panix.com
Fri Aug 20 09:55:13 PDT 1999

>>As long ago as Susanne Langer's *Philosophy in a New Key* (1941?) it
>>had been pretty well established that the proposition "Language/dialect
>>A is superior to language/dialect B (in *any* respect)" is always a
>>false proposition. All languages/dialects are essentially perfect means
>>of thought and communication in any material sense one can give to
>So why aren't there as many great operas written in English as in Italian?
>Brad DeLong

how many english speaking composers have written italian opera? or is italian somehow "superior" to english due to a causal connection with the ability to write music? after all, prima la musica poi le parole (salieri, 1786)

john mage

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