murder v. killing.

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Wed Aug 25 08:23:49 PDT 1999

Agreed that Singer's view is *very* unlikely ever to get anywhere near the U.S. mainstream. Americans actually tend to be a lot more horrified by infanticide than many other cultures; in Britain, I think, baby-killing is generally prosecuted as manslaughter, hardly ever as murder (Brits on the list correct me if I'm wrong). And those accused of infanticide are generally regarded with pity rather than as monsters; there was a huge difference in british and american public perceptions, for instance, of that British Nanny who was accused of shaking a baby to death last year.


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>Subject: Re: murder v. killing.
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>> It is not
>such a leap to anticipate that the dumb liberals might be convinced to think
>that knocking off infants would be advancing individual rights.
>well, you've got the very powerful anti abortion, rtl's on your side in
>this case. this guy will never get outside of academia with that one. not
>to mention it's clearly fascistic uses. i simply resented the connection
>between abortion rights advocacy here because you were implying that the
>parent's choices might be frivilious and this was a problem wrt abortion.
>i think not.
>however, thinking about it, i'd guess that you would want to raise your
>arguments and intersts and tie it into the thread. so perhaps more
>innocuous than i first interpreted it.

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