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He also seemed unconcerned about the U.S.'s external debt and he thinks the stock market won't crash as long Baby Boomers keep filling their 401k's.


Doug wrote:

> A couple of people asked me to summarize my interview with Mr
> Stratfor, George Friedman, last night. Like Merrill Lynch, Friedman
> is bullish on America. He thinks our economy & empire are mighty. I
> asked him if he thought the American Century was going to last into
> the 21st, and he said that it'd be the beginning of the American
> millennium. He also thinks:
> *Latin America is where Asia was in the early 70s - poised for a takeoff.
> *Asia's got serious problems - overaccumulation of capital with a
> profitability crisis (he didn't use that phrase, but that's what he
> meant). They used to laugh at us for being so short-termist, while
> they were investing for the long term, but it hasn't worked out so
> well for them.
> *The euro will break apart on the first recession, since you can't
> have one monetary policy for 11 countries.
> *Some strong hands will take control of Russia, shoot Berezovsky &
> the oligarchs, and things could get ugly.
> *South Africa will become a regional imperialist power.
> *China and Russia will try to put together some alliance as a check
> on the U.S., but it ain't going to be easy.
> *90% of their info comes from public sources. They get lots of info
> by email now that the world is well aware of them - about 20% of
> which is worthwhile, and about 80% of which is of "the Martians have
> landed" variety.
> Doug

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