Usufruct; was Waco and the Lesser of Two Evils

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At least one class of use values can't be used up; the ideas which become embodied in artifacts. They actually fit into the usufruct concept very well. One can't use up F=MA or other such formulae which are essential for engineering etc. The Lockean proviso, which Jefferson embellished substantially when he wrote about usufruct and it's relation to ideas definitely fits well with attempts to reconfigure today's IP "rights". KM goes at this from a slightly different angle in Grundrisse [297-310 Penguin Classics].


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> >When I saw Kovel last weekend at URPE summer camp, he said he's wants
> >to get away from the concept of use value, which is too much like
> >using-up, and replace it with the concept of usufruct.
> I think this is a mistake. If use-values were not *consumed* in order to
> satisfy needs, their circulation could never have given rise to value.
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