Waco and the Lesser of Two Evils

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Mon Aug 30 07:03:57 PDT 1999

Jim heartfield wrote:

>It makes me laugh to think that you could ever make a bold social
>transformation by being careful. We want courage audacity, elan and a
>thorough-going willingness to take risks. Careful people don't change
>the world. Revolution is a destructive business. Conservatism is not an
>approach that will change anything.
>People who are too squeamish to jeopardise the occasional species of
>small furry animals are not likely to throw away the received wisdom of
>generations that it is better not to rock the boat.
>Usufucked, if you ask me.

Another digest that poor Daniel Davies won't get, thanks to Flemings' word-sniffer!

Treating humans and nature more carefully would involve a rather bold, and risky, social transformation. Right now they're treated very brutally. You're playing word games here, James.


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