News And Notes for Aug. 30, A Luta Contínua

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Mon Aug 30 02:13:17 PDT 1999

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Compaq cutting 1,600 jobs in Singapore

Brazil: pioneer of the liberation theology movement has died

Life expectancy of men in former Soviet Union falling drastically

Chile's poorer people not able to enjoy recent ''boom'' in nation's economy

Photo from Chicagoan La Raza: Puerto Rican activists reject Clinton's ''offer''

Serbia near economical collapse

Voronezh: More than 20 anti-nuke activists arrested

Madrid warns Washington over Helms-Burton Act

A whole site about Depleted Uranium

Gusmao's warning to militias: disarm or die!

Photo from PANOS: Palestinian youths during a clash with the IDF in the Christian village of Beit Sahur

World wide petition calling for Suharto to be brought to trial for his crimes against the Indonesian, East Timorese, Acehnese and West Papuan people

Election context in East Timor

Background and critical articles about the war in the Balkans

Racism in Iceland, and other texts about Iraq and Palestines

Boston Globe: Brazilian Archbishop, `brother of the poor,' dies

East Timorese see the end of 24 years of Indonesian occupation

World tourist industry can be badly damaged by climate change

The creation of the giant French banking group could cause major job losses in the City (London)

Believe him? World Bank's director says that bulldozing slums is not a solution to the problems of urban life

West Africa: Special Report on gas pipeline

Thousands march in Puerto Rico to demand U.S. free independence fighters

Jamaicans want to vote for head of state

The U.S. Plan to Overthrow the Government of Iraq

New death warrant for Mumia?

India may contest a patent obtained by a United States firm for a herbal remedy

Detroit teachers' union, district officials press contract talks

Colombia Unions Gear Up For General Strike

Canada: Catholic teachers to pull services

Macedonian minister killed in KFOR crash

Hope you have how to print it! The Ego and his own, by Max Stirner, in a full web edition

The newsletter of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

The radiation hazards in the USA map

Chronic Low-Dose Radioactive Exposure: False Alarm or Public Health Hazard ?

D.C. school closed for asbestos removal

Despite Clinton. US Congress aides to visit Baghdad

Footnote (came just when we were sending this newsletter)

Radio Pargue

More than 1,000 activists gathered on Sunday in the German town of Eschlkam to protest against a large chicken farm to open soon near the Czech village of Vseruby a few kilometres away. Most protesters were German but their sentiments are shared by environmental activists here in the Czech Republic.

On Friday, three protesters chained themselves to a bulldozer on the building site. Opponents say the German investors of the project plan to circumvent the European Union's laws on the protection of animals. Chickens would be kept in tight cages all their life.

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