Planning, Market & Unemployment

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Aug 30 09:05:17 PDT 1999

>>> Yoshie Furuhashi <furuhashi.1 at> 08/28/99 02:15AM >>>As for Hoover's principled opposition to the idea of epistemological break
in Marx, that's one of the few things (the only thing?) on which I get to disagree with him. I'm afraid Comrade Brown would also come down on the side of Comrade Hoover. Oh well.... I'll continue my offlist study with Comrade Cox in pursuit of the refinement of a Marxist critique of humanism, moralism, etc.

persisting in my anti-Hegelian ways,


Yes, Sister Furuhashi, it almost seems you are more of a Naturalist than I ! This paradox is interesting. Fancy and vulgarity turn into each other. What is the advantage to us in focussing on things-in-themselves rather than things-for-us ? To what end are we trying to change the world ?


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