Marc Cooper responds

Marta Russell ap888 at
Mon Feb 1 08:24:24 PST 1999

pms wrote:

> Well said, Marta. Cooper trying to make something of the Huff's charity
> was a real disappointment. This woman is cold-blooded. Probably just put
> compassion into the name of her charity so's she could hear herself say the
> word. I know I like the way she says it. Green Acres is one of my all time
> favorite works of art.
> In a huff-p

Thanks, I greatly appreciated your insight on Arianna's new "do." It must have been very difficult for her to break her hairspray addiction and drop the poof look but it paid off, hey she got on MTV.

The worst part of it all is that someone on the "left" would not do the research to know the real Arianna, but then maybe Cooper does have a "crush" on her and he is too involved to see the forest for the trees? HMMMM. I'm always suspicious of leftie guys who are attracted to rich women and flit around in millionaire and billionaire social circles.


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