Marc Cooper responds

Michael Hoover hoov at
Mon Feb 1 15:13:33 PST 1999

> local oversight boards that would be
> composed of those on these programs as well as other members of a
> community to
> hold government agencies accountable. To my knowledge, nothing like this
> exists, but we do need some watchdogs with the power to intervene with unfair
> bureaucracy practices and to make people aware of what their rights are.
> Marta

there was a brief moment in 1964 following passage of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 when community action agencies were encouraged to stimulate local efforts to meet needs of low-income people...Title II of the EOA allocated federal funds to programs that called for the 'maximum feasible participation of residents of the areas and members of the group served' other words, the poor themselves...the federal government would have contracted with independent, non-governmental groups rather than municipal and county governments or traditional charitable and aid organizations...unsurprisingly, such efforts at 'empowering the poor' were the most controversial parts of the so-called 'war on poverty' and soon undermined...Michael Hoover

btw: is it true that Newton & Seale received a community action grant when they started the Panthers?

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