Racists in the GOP and melt-downs on the margin

pms laflame at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 1 18:09:46 PST 1999

>I believe that libertarianism today functions in an historically
>analogous fashion: it organizes seemingly self-evident observations into
>a self-congradulatory "moral" framework that automatically
>over-simplifies all pressing problems, and explains away even the
>possibility of articulating contradictions; it provides a common
>framework in which divergent, even antagonistic factions of elite
>interest and opinion can find a mutual accomodation, so they can focus
>their attentions on what really matters to them; it deligitimizes any
>form of criticism that aims at a fundamental AND highly visible
>contradiction in its claim to morality, rationality, and human progress.

You are so right Paul. You have just described the essence of the up and coming generation of radio talk show hosts, including our locals. The only black local host was groomed as a sort of side kick on the Rush-wannabe's show, then put on full time on CNN. Still does the side kick think on the local station though. It's like they really spread him around so's everyone can have a black guy, buy one that's been diligently indoctrinated. Oh,oh, I meant to say, BUT one that's been.... We'll just let that buy stand, though. I would cringe as Neil Boortz would call the Simpson jury Nubian Sub-Saharans, dismissively, and this guy, Royal Marshall would just chuckle. But it got him his own show, The Royal Treatment, on CNN. Radio Collusion.

Yea, they're all Libertarians, they don't like the Christian Coalition, they have their own planes, or hot air balloons, and are just generally

cool, self-made guys. Course making yourself a whore for capital is really what makes them. Christian fundamentalism is out. Smug self-reliant manliness, is in.

I understand what you're saying, and partially agree, but there is a danger. Like the hair, this anti-racist pose, which I thought was a bit tepid, helps legitimate The Huff as a fair minded, respectable commentator, thus making some of her less progressive suggestions more paletable. Yet there's really little meat to her article. No connections made between the faction that wants to do away with affirmative action, That says there's already a level playing field and hey, it in "their" genes anyway, to which both The Huff, and the erring congressmen belong. No sweeping statement about the racist context of almost everything in this country, just a slap on the wrist that says these guys need to get up to speed, PR wise.

But, you know, who can tell how it's going to shake out.

***************************Today they interviewed Galbraith senior on NPR and he was absolutely fab.

Also, Schwab, for the second time in a month, I think, raised the amount you had to have in your account to cover your margin. Brazil stopped releasing figures for daily currency movement, and Fiat is closing in Argentina and moving to Brazil to save on labor costs(the scum) which doesn't help soothe a really pissed bunch of Argentinians, especially Menem, who wants Brazil to quit subsidizing exports, to which Brazil, once again says, bite me. Me, I bought more gov't bonds.


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