Why Hegel? (was Re: butlering along)

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Thanks for this. It is very helpful to me. Bravo .


>>> Yoshie Furuhashi <furuhashi.1 at osu.edu> 02/04 10:50 PM
Why Hegel? In the chapter on Hegel's "Unhappy Consciousness," Butler uses Hegel (and Freud + Nietzsche) to supplement Foucault; at the same time Butler uses Foucault to criticize Hegel's (and Freud's) dialectical method.

(1) Hegel's account of the Master/Slave dialectic in general and of the Unhappy Consciousness in particular is an influential text that may be said to have opened a terrain of critical investigation of morality and self-consciousness that eventually gave rise to the following felicitous statement by Foucault: "the soul is the prison of the body."



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