Vamping on Work and Class (was: History....)

Carl Remick cremick at
Fri Feb 5 06:40:56 PST 1999

Re Paul's: "Buffy's not my type. In fact, none of the regular teen-gals on the program are. Tell you who is, tho. Daljit Daliwhall. I get all hot and bothered watching ITN News."

Join the throng, Paul. My wife can pine over Peter Jennings all she wants, so long as I can get brought up to speed globally by Daljit Dhaliwal from time to time (I'd watch regularly if my schedule allowed). Daljit's the only woman on the tube I consider really drop-dead gorgeous -- those eyes, that voice! I suppose I could justify all this heavy breathing the way a lot of other viewers do, by saying ITN provides a really fine summary of world events US networks ignore. But actually, I find ITN does the same superficial slapdash job covering stories that the US nets do. But with DD doing the intros, who cares!

Carl Remick

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