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Fri Feb 5 08:23:09 PST 1999

On Fri, 5 Feb 1999, Doug Henwood wrote:

> I'll stop with this toxic crap soon, I promise. But I was just paging
> through the repellent Independent Women's Forum newsletter, Ex Femina. (The
> IWF is a group of professional anti-feminist women that was founded to
> defend Clarence Thomas.) In it, Midge Decter is quoted as saying: "The
> other way to the public heart is to provide us with excuses for our
> failings. That is Bill Clinton. He is the true embodiment of the state of
> our culture. His being in the White House provides the electorate with a
> blanket forgiveness for their own moral and cultural sloth."

Yeah, she's a piece of work, ain't she. I'd never seen her or read her before last weekend when she was on _Firing Line_ defending Pinochet's right to travel freely as a former head of state.

> As someone pointed out somewhere, ravers like this used to denounce the
> immoralism of the pointy-heads and embrace the moral wisdom of The People.
> Now that it's clear that The People can't stand their moralizing, it's
> proof that The People are corrupt.
> Doug

This the same tack that Wm. Bennet took in his most recent hand-wringing tome _The Death of Outrage_.


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