What is Deconstruction/Post-Structuralism

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Sat Feb 6 20:46:13 PST 1999

Doyle I like Carrol. And what bothers some people other people find worth their time.


Doyle, how many times I gotta tell ya? Just because I poke a little fun at someone (something my ex hubbie used to like to say when he was feeling amorous) doesn't mean I don't like him/her. Gad. I guess I was a cook for too damn long and haven't learned to be properly middle class and respectable. Sheee-it, not only am i a failed comic, a failed woman, a failed man--but i'm also a failed bourgeousie. And to top it all off, I only have an ironic lilt and that isn't gonna be enough to compete with DD for Paul's attentions. Oh well. Where's that damn bottle of J&B? No, no I'll treat myself to Johnny Walker Black for this lil ole pitty party I'm gonna throw fer meself. Hey Rob Schaap, belly up for this one over there in OZ, kay?


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