Mindspring censorship (Over-limit, but it's really important)

Jim heartfield jim at heartfield.demon.co.uk
Sun Feb 7 05:51:10 PST 1999

In message <36BCEB37.4830EEDE at mail.ilstu.edu>, Carrol Cox <cbcox at mail.ilstu.edu> writes
>Let's put it this way. A working class (or fraction of a class) that does not
>defend the unhassled right of women to abortion (with no moral nagging) is a
>pretty damn worthless working class and will never be able to confront

Carrol puts this very well.

However, the question of censorship is also one that is important to the consolidation of a popular movement. A working class that thought the state should decide what is posted on the Web, would be saying that it was not to be trusted with its own decisions. No popular movement could be constructed that Kow-towed to the myth of the unthinking mob, swayed by agitators.

-- Jim heartfield

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