New Republic Article dig at Butler

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Sun Feb 7 14:43:48 PST 1999

Michael Pollak wrote:

> > >Did anyone see the vicious attack on Judith Butler by Martha Nussbaum in
> > >the current New Republic? Thoughts?
> Judith Butler, whatever else she is, is an antiestablishmentarian when it
> comes to what should be taught in philosophy clases. Matha Nussbaum is a
> philosopher whose approach is old-fashioned even by establishment
> standards. She writes books on Aristotle's view of emotions. It's natural
> that they should hate each other like wet cats. It would be news if they
> didn't.
> Michael
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Martha Nussbaum's approach is not old-fashioned, she defends the view, contra most philosophers, that literature is a better guide to moral dilemmas than reasoning, see her books _Love's Knowledge and The Fragility of Goodness_ She is a fabulous philosopher and scholar. Her main squeeze is Amartya Sen and she is quite left-wing. Shame on her for writing in the New Republic!!

Sam Pawlett

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