Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Feb 8 05:52:55 PST 1999

rayrena wrote:

> The only problem with this interpretation [of On the Waterfront] is that Our Hero
> actually *saves* collectivism.

Ah yes, collectivism under the tutelage of the capitalist state, invoked by a snitch within the collective. Just what the Old Man ordered when he praised the Old Mole. Marlon Brando as Yeltsin.


Incidentally, at about the same time I saw *On the Waterfront*, I also saw what may be one of the greatest movies ever made, only I cannot remember the title, the actors, the director, or any other information concerning it. I have never seen any references to it since then, and I only recall it in the broadest detail. The protagonists were a black longshoreman and his wife, a junior high teacher. He protected a young white fellow worker against a brute in the same warehouse, which led to a fight with hooks, which he lost and was killed. The movie ends with his wife's attempt to sum up what has happened to her. This movie has suffered even more complete suppression than Salt of the Earth.


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