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Mon Feb 8 07:48:01 PST 1999

Carrol wrote
>> The only problem with this interpretation [of On the Waterfront] is that
>>Our Hero
>> actually *saves* collectivism.
>Ah yes, collectivism under the tutelage of the capitalist state, invoked by a
>snitch within the collective. Just what the Old Man ordered when he
>praised the Old
>Mole. Marlon Brando as Yeltsin.

Well, yes, it was (is) a capitalist state, after all. And before Brando snitched on the bosses it was a collective under the tutelage of corrupt bosses *and* under...the tutelage of the capitalist state! No difference, then, except after Brando came along there was a chance for the workers to control the union, there was a destruction of privilege and heirarchy. Come to think of it, I can see where that would make the Old Man a little nervous.

>Incidentally, at about the same time I saw *On the Waterfront*, I also saw
>what may
>be one of the greatest movies ever made, only I cannot remember the title, the
>actors, the director, or any other information concerning it. I have never
>seen any
>references to it since then, and I only recall it in the broadest detail.

I know this film; I read about it a couple years ago, I just don't remember where. Your description of it evoked the memory of the article I read, and I meant to find out more about it. I will see if I can dig up that piece.

Eric Beck

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