Mindspring censorship; abortion

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Mon Feb 8 13:40:55 PST 1999

Doug wrote:
>Problem is, Charles, millions aren't listening, and haven't in years. And
>one of the reasons they aren't is that heritage of dogmatism and rigidity.

Are corporations not 'dogmatic' about their need for a bigger profit margin, a better return on investment, a business 'environment' freer from unions and regulations to protect workers and the environment, and so on? Let's just say that the other side's success doesn't seem to rest on their freedom from 'dogma.' They may be flexible about some things (e.g. how to market a product), but they are quite rigid about their bedrock principles and ready to use force to put them into effect (even against a democratically-elected and play-by-bourgoies-laws socialist president such as Allende). What are our principles? Do we not have principles? Is everything subject to debate while capitalists are sure about _their non-negotiable principles_: "Capitalism today, capitalism tomorrow, and capitalism forever"?


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