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>That's hardly a reply. I'm saying that one of the Right's tactics has been
>to (re)set the terms of political debates by, for instance, calling our
>already existing legal right to abortion into question.

Are ya kiddin' Yoshie? It was contested from the beginning and the assault on Roe V. Wade had already fought some major fights and won by 1979. Furthermore, as Charles pointed out, somewhat obliquely, the so called Right to an Abortion is just that a formal right, not a substantive one. And THAT:s what Alex was asking about. There is a big HUGE difference between agitation for a legal, formal right (equal opportunity ring a bell?) an abortion and agitation for it a legal, substantive rights for unconditional unfettered access to abortion on demand.

This is why some debate and discussion would be nice. *Obvisously* Too bad it's just not fucking activist enough for Mr. Remick.

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