Mindspring censorship

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Feb 8 16:03:07 PST 1999

Let's get some background here. The attack on the right to abortion takes multiple forms, and for longer than I've been a marxist or even involved in politics the form I've been most exposed to (through student papers and class discussions) is the overwhelming feeling on the part of a goodly majority of freshmen/sophomore women is their own feeling that abortion *needs* to be defended, that it is a "big" decision, that the "wrong decision" can haunt one all one's life, and so on and so forth. And the causes here are 100% social, *not* psychological or juridical. And not only the best way but perhaps even the only way to confront this form of oppression is to mock it, to flame it, to enact contempt for it -- through various kinds of *actions* (as opposed either to arguments or "persuasions") to build up their courage. Any consent to rational debate here is, as Yoshie says, demeaning to women, repressive to young women especially. Our goal must be to make it shameful to doubt the legitimacy of abortion or to even hint that perhaps the woman should have a "reason."

The "right to choose" slogan was always an opportunist slogan, and as a friend of mine once remarked, opportunism is seldom opportune.


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